Ichuli gives Sandra Lian, Mildred Tracy money

Ichuli gives Sandra Lian, Mildred Tracy money

Social commentator Olaxes Ismail, aka Jaja Kalevu Ichuli, extended his generous arm to TV hosts Sandra Lian and Mildred Tracy.

During the conversation, Lian, who appeared to be jesting -- with a flower in her right hand, said she would want Ichuli to be her Valentine.

"You've failed to find youthful men?" Ichuli responded.

"I didn't fail to find them, but I've chosen you," Lian said before bursting into laughter.

Tracy chimed in: "We want to save you because you also failed to get a woman."

As the quipping went on, Ichuli picked up his wallet and gave Lian seven notes. The picture wasn't clear to tell whether they were all Shs10K notes, but one of them was.

He then turned to Tracy and gave her four 10K notes. Then turned to Lian again, and handed her two more notes. In total, Lian got 10 while Tracy got five.

Meanwhile, the show centered around preparing people on what to look out for ahead of Valentine's Day on February 14.

"Women use Valentine's Day as a weighing scale... What you do for me on Valentine's will help determine whether we go forward or stop," Ichuli said.

At some point, Lian noted that some men are given gifts and they regift them to other women.

Ichuli said that it usually happens when a man is in a relationship with a woman richer than him, so he takes her money to a woman who will appreciate his efforts. In other words, some men feel useless in a relationship where they don't feel like they are bringing much to the table.


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