Ichuli: When Sheebah chased me away from her house, I went to Spice Diana’s

Ichuli: When Sheebah chased me away from her house, I went to Spice Diana’s

Social commentator Olaxess Ismail, aka Jajja Kalevu Ichuli, said when Sheebah Karungi chased him away from her house, he went to Spice Diana's.

Both songstresses stay in Munyonyo, a gated community in Kampala.

"I didn't enter," Ichuli said in an interview with media personality Kasuku on his YouTube channel.

"I saw Sheebah running upstairs to check the CCTV monitor, so she can tell the gatekeeper not to open the gate."

He went on: "King Saha came and told me, we are men and can stand the pressure [from criticism] but women are emotional.

"When she refused to open I went to Bilungo's house and she gave me yogurt." [Diana's nickname Bilungo comes her song of the same title.]

But despite what happened, Ichuli said he loves Sheebah.

"On a serious note, I like Sheebah a lot, and it's people that I like that I hit most."

It became public recently that Sheebah told Ichuli to pound sand when he went to her house for a conversation. Kasuku talked to Sheebah about it in a recent interview.

Kasuku: "Ichuli told me he came here and you chased him away."

Sheebah: "Who is Ichuli?"

Kasuku: "This interview is going to stop here."

Sheebah: "No, seriously, who is Ichuli?"

Kasuku: "Isma Olaxes."

Sheebah: "Who is Isma Olaxes?... My brother?... Eh, no, but I can't chase away my brother!"

Kasuku: "So, your last words, your parting shots to the ladies out there who are watching this."

Sheebah: "Seriously, Kasuku! Who are we talking about?"

Kasuku: "Okay, Isma... I usually host him on my channel. He is a panelist there. He told me he came here, I don't know what he wanted to talk to you about. But you chased him away and refused to open the gate for him."

Sheebah: "What does he do?"

Kasuku: "He is a blogger."



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