In a shocking turn of events on the set of "Uncut Kalakata," the popular show on Sanyuka TV,

In a shocking turn of events on the set of "Uncut Kalakata," the popular show on Sanyuka TV,

Zahara Toto, a well-known TV presenter, found herself at the center of controversy after launching a verbal attack on her fellow woman, Zubeda Bya Ntalo.

During a live broadcast, Zahara took the opportunity to express her disapproval of Zubeda's choice of attire, specifically criticizing her for wearing a rug on her head instead of a veil. The cutting remarks made by Zahara not only stunned the audience but also deeply offended Zubeda Byantalo, who was the target of the on-air tirade.

The incident quickly sparked a wave of backlash, with viewers and fans expressing their outrage over Zahara Toto's inappropriate language on television. Social media platforms were ablaze with discussions and criticisms, as people from different walks of life condemned Zahara's actions.


Zubeda Byantalo, maintaining her composure, responded gracefully to the incident, stating that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the manner in which Zahara chose to express hers was disrespectful and uncalled for. Zubeda emphasized the importance of promoting unity and understanding among women instead of tearing each other down.

As the controversy unfolded, Sanyuka TV released an official statement expressing their commitment to responsible broadcasting and condemning any form of derogatory language. The network assured its viewers that appropriate measures would be taken to address the incident and prevent such occurrences in the future.

Despite the public outcry and calls for accountability, Zahara Toto faced the consequences of her actions, as sponsors reconsidered their association with her and the network initiated internal investigations. The incident served as a reminder of the power and impact of words in the media, prompting a broader conversation about the responsibility of public figures in shaping a positive and respectful narrative.

In the aftermath of the controversy, both Zahara Toto and Zubeda Byantalo took steps towards reconciliation, participating in a public dialogue aimed at fostering understanding and unity. The incident, though regrettable, became an opportunity for reflection and growth within the media industry, prompting discussions about promoting positive discourse and responsible journalism.

Devosh Matovu

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