Museveni’s Bazukulu to Celebrate his Birthday in style Happening On the 8th of Sept. At Kololo. ONC’s Namyalo Confirms

Museveni’s Bazukulu to Celebrate his Birthday in style Happening On the 8th of Sept. At Kololo. ONC’s Namyalo Confirms

”We Shall Not Only Celebrate President Museveni’s Birthday Party But Also Learn How Our Jajja Overpowered Katonga Spirits”- Hajati Namyalo.


The head of the Office of the National Chairman (ONC) Hajjat Uzeiye Hadijah Namyalo has held a mega presser at Kololo Ceremonial grounds and gave an update on the preparations for the forthcoming birthday celebrations of HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. 
Chief muzzukulu confirmed to the press that come shine or rain the event will be held on 8th September 2023 and so far government bigwigs, security agencies and the State House have already confirmed attendance of this event which will be the the biggest party of the year.
Namyalo rallied all the youth groups, women groups, and groups for people with special needs, among others to come on that day and celebrate with their beloved President. 
She noted however that on top of celebrating, there will be other key activities like watching revolutionary movies, exhibitions by bazzukulu who are successful in entrepreneurship, sharing of testimonies of the life of Jajja and other key historical, airing and watching of documentaries about the life of Jajja and struggle, cultural performances, and musical performances and music gala from parts of the country, cleaning of Kampala streets as part of pre-event mobilization among others.
Namyalo said the event is organized by ONC and all the major political movements; revolutionary guards and those from the MK movement will all be around to celebrate President Museveni and those who fought and won the Katonga battle hence bringing peace in Uganda that has seen Ugandans enjoying restful nights for the last three decades.
”I want to tell you that nothing can stop this event and also assure you that a huge number I can’t estimate is already warming up to shake this Kololo come D-Day. Therefore, I take this opportunity to invite all bazzukulu, children of the veterans and historians to come and share good vibes with their President on 8th September 2023,” Namyalo rallied the wanainchi. 
Asked why among all the battles they decided to focus on Katonga, Namyalo revealed that there is something special with Katonga as this where indeed a bloody battle happened and it would’nt have been successful had it not been for the magical command of Gen Salim Saleh, and his fearless troops.

”We have for very many years been giving much attention to Luwero and Kabamba battles. Now this has left many people unaware of what transpired during the Katonga battle and that’s why we came up with this because people who fought that battle also matter but of course, even those from Luwero will join us on 8th September to celebrate their leader and other historical who perished fighting to put Uganda on world index of peaceful nations,” added Namyalo.
President Museveni born in 1944, approximately eighteen years before Uganda’s Independence will be turning 79 years of age on the 15th of September, 2023.
Museveni born to the late Amos Kaguta and Esteri Kokundeka Nganzi in Ntumgamo district, Western part of Uganda in Ankole Region –is Uganda’s Head of State since 1986 after leading a successful guerilla liberation war in the jungles of Luwero Triangle. 
The pioneer mega Museveni birthday celebration which is to run under the theme, “Celebrating Jajja, Lessons From Battles of Katonga; Omalayo Jaaja -Tukyikube Ku Ballot” will focus on promoting President Museveni’s agenda of socio-economic transformation by empowering the said groups to secure their future through Wealth and Job Creation while reflecting on his achievements in the last 78 years of his life journey.


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