IYA SAUDA JAFFER is a passionate young Nubian lady born to Ms Zaitun Sebbi Isa and Jaffer Chombe Amin. Her heart beats for tourism, hospitality, and cultural exploration.

With an unwavering love for her culture and a burning desire to bridge gaps between people, she has successfully emerged to be a Nubian cultural ambassador, dubbed SABALA FEST AMBASSADOR 256.

Born and raised in a bustling city of Kampala, in the Suburbs of Kawempe (Kambi Nubi in Bwaise) Sauda developed a deep appreciation for the beauty and richness of her culture in her surroundings. From an early age, she found herself captivated by the stories woven into every corner, street, and social mannerism in her community. Her inquisitive nature led her to explore and learn the Nubian culture, immersing herself in its traditions, languages, and cuisines.

Sauda’s journey in the world of tourism and hospitality began during her college years. While pursuing a Bachelors degree in Tourism and Hotel Management, at Metropolitan International University. She eagerly took part in internships and part-time jobs, immersing herself in the industry. These experiences exposed her to the intricate workings of the sector and provided her with a solid foundation to pursue her dreams.

Driven by her wanderlust and a desire to share the beauty of her own culture, Sauda is eager to learn and foster connections within the Nubian Community in the Great Lakes Region. Through her encounters, she realized the transformative power of cultural ownership and how it can break barriers, foster understanding, and cultivate unity.

She is determined to give back to the Nubian community that has groomed her, be part of cultural initiatives highlighting our traditions, arts, and cuisines that make the Nubian people Unique.

Ms. IYA SAUDA Jaffer’s infectious enthusiasm, coupled with her exceptional interpersonal skills, make her a natural cultural ambassador. Her ability to connect with people from all walks of life, combined with her understanding of different cultures, allows her to facilitate meaningful exchanges and promote mutual respect.

Armed with a diverse skill set and an unwavering commitment to her mission, Sauda seeks opportunities to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations to create transformative experiences and showcasing the Nubian Culture to the world that will inspire our cultural appreciation.



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